lynn2It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Epsten Gallery website, and I invite you to explore and learn more about us.

Located in the center of Overland Park’s Village Shalom assisted living facility, you will find the premiere Epsten Gallery. It is this unexpected juxtaposition that inspires and intrigues visitors and residents alike. It reaffirms the notion that there is a place for art in every stage of life and it provides the venue to connect communities and generations through the arts. Since 2000, The Epsten Gallery has curated intellectually stimulating art exhibitions that draw audiences from the community at large, while offering Village Shalom residents new opportunities for dialogue that promote and encourage a better quality of life. Linking art and aging is at the core of our Board’s vision of “enriching lives and celebrating our common humanity through art” and its mission of staging “innovative art exhibitions and related programming that engages seniors.” The diverse audiences that attend openings, the engagement of residents, artists and visitors, and the frequent reviews of our exhibitions in regional newspapers, magazines and other media continue to confirm the Epsten Gallery’s artistic and social success. Internally, operations have become more professional with the addition of a new Executive Director/Curator and Development Director. Externally, the audience for Epsten Gallery has grown to more than 9,100 visitors each year. Our enhanced programming nourishes engaging conversations around art as it builds and strengthens relationships among those who attend. The challenge ahead is to more fully engage with our unique setting. Our conversations with Village Shalom management continue to center around how we may further enrich lives of residents and senior citizens in the region, through our exhibitions and programming. Recent conversations with professionals in the medical and elder-care fields are sowing the seeds for even better programming and research opportunities. The Epsten Gallery staff and board members are fully committed and have the capability of making this institution a national model for enriching seniors’ lives through art.

Lynn Intrater, President